Kerala – The Best Travelling Experience

Ask a nomad why he had chosen Kerala out of all the beautiful places in the world. Can a vagabond survive the hordes of hospitality smeared all over the God’s Own Country? Yes! He can knit the fishing nets, work on Tea and Coffee Plantations and factories, ride a housing boat or become a professional travel guide just by changing the attire. Why are we talking about a Nomad’s life in Kerala? It is simple. If he could find an eco-friendly job and live in a land without regrets and dependence on anyone, anyone can live and travel Kerala without worrying about the existential crisis. A few places of the world have zero memories. Always new. Kerala is one among the few! It is like the place is waiting for you to explore its inner charm before you leave this planet.

The land of coconuts is not just its tea leaves and houseboats, it is a different country altogether. Thanks to Vasco Da Gama, the eternal voyager who discovered heaven on earth. Although coconuts are connected with this spicy state, deep secrets in its mountains, temples, festivals, food, art, and wealth make Kerala a must-visit spot in the world. Nat Geo’s latest edition nods to the above statement. Yes, they recommend Kerala for family outings.

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

The Land of Happy Elixirs

Unfold a symphony of magical moments! The tastiest tea in Munnar for your beautiful mornings. Bathing ablutions in Peermade, Kottayam en route Thekkady and the incredible “Niagara of India”, Athirapally Waterfalls. Explore the interiors of Kerala in their houseboats eating seafood at midnight and catch up with the Snake Boat Race in the backwater of Alleppey.

The only drive-in beach in India is Muzhappilangad Beach located in the NH 66 Highway between Thalasseri and Kannur.

An overnight jungle stay is feasible in Wayanad Tree Houses. Whereas, Thekkady Spice Tours and Jungle Walks are common activities in the trumpeting terra. The elegant and enigmatic expressions of “Kathakali” and outbursts of artistic emotions in the godfather of martial arts “Kalaripayattu” in Thrissur. Likewise, birdwatching is common in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary while Thattekad is an avian bliss for watching exotic species of rare birds. Siberian Cranes, Egrets, and waterfowls are some charismatic chirpers!

“The EARTH has its MUSIC for those who will LISTEN.”

Room for Recreation and Rest

Rewind the happy days of your past with your like-minded friend and read poetries of Wordsworth near the lakes and calm rivulets of Kerala. For acquiring the perfect ambiance to write and amp up romance, a restful sunset in the vicinity of cafes in Kovalam Beach and Kochi is an ideal pick.

Puttu Kadala”, “Naadan Sadhya”, and “Payasam” served in homestays and local eateries have a lip-smacking taste attuned with your palette’s senses. While the trees enveloped restaurants of Fort Kochi guarantee to satisfy your fictional fish dreams before coming to Kerala. Perch on elephants to explore Munnar and Thekkady taking saturated pics of the surroundings deep inside forests. Ayurveda Massages of Kerala remove toxins, rejuvenate your mind and body, improve blood circulation, and calm your nerves.

The Craftsmanship of Kerala

You don’t want to miss your priceless souvenirs of Kerala. The Hand loomed sarees and dhotis of Balaramapuram in Thiruvananthapuram has more than 5100 looms. Their finest cotton yarn has a great fan following across the world. They have gained IPR protection with the help of the Geographical Indication Act. To put it simply, they have patented their product. Watch out for the silver wire gold-plated Zari in Kasaragod, Kuthampolly, and Chennamangalam sarees.

Inspired from Nature, the design in gold jewelleries of Trivandrum begin from childbirths in the Ponnum (gold) Thenum (honey) ceremony to Nagapadam (Serpent Head) worn by Nair women and Cheruthaali worn by Namboodri women as “Thaali” (mangalsutra) in their wedding functions. The love affair of Kerala with Gold is best understood buying Peacock-designed or fruit-designed gold jewels.

The metal mirror or “Aranmula Kannadi” is a traditional mirror manufacturing process carried out by a specific family in Kerala. The Copper and Tin Alloy has some more secret ingredients, to make it a souvenir-worthy. The craftsmanship is equal to the Goblin’s sword. Get your hands on this!

ARANMULA KANNADI and Hand Made Kerala Traditional NETTUR PETTI Ornament Rosewood Box

The Handcrafted Nettur Petti (Rosewood Jewel Box) of the Malabar region is traditionally used for saving the makeup kits of Kathakali. The “Gopurams” (A Pyramidal Tower) and Temple Architecture of Kerala are kept as prototypes for making this handy box. The natural scent and texture adds value to your study back home! Pick a few and support responsible tourism.

Some eco-friendly souvenirs – Bamboo hairclips, coconut shell wine cups, rainmaker musical instrument, bamboo bangles, Kathakali masks, and spice kit.

This blog tries to explain the untouched travel and shop worthy parts of Kerala. Take time and plan your mode of travel this year for a 10 days Culinary Tour with your friends or 16 days Ayurvedic Massage Tour or a 7 days Family Tour. We understand your needs. All you have to do, wave at us!

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