Why Kerala is Famous Among the world travelers!

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters.

God’s Own Country – this title has been bestowed upon the southern state Kerala for a reason; actually many reasons. From its beaches to scenic viewpoints, backwaters to tea plantations, this place has everything you need to unwind and relax.

We could have given a list of 100 plus things but taking your valuable time into account, we have provided 20 interesting reasons supporting the idea of the countless foreign travelers flying to the Land of Coconuts. Read to know why you should be in Kerala already!

  1. Endangered animal lovers visit the Eravikulam National Park for Nilgiri Tahrs. Trudge and Trek a little as vehicles aren’t allowed inside this precious park. Travelers opting for selfies with the periled creatures also engage in responsible tourism or eco-tourism activities.
  2. Travelers show romance how to be romantic pulling off a houseboat candlelight dinner. In the middle of nowhere in the moonlit backwaters, allow nature to take care of your honeymoon. The Alleppey houseboat experience should top the 100 things to do in a newlywed’s list. 
  3. Those who want to cure their bodily illness and mental clarity invade the Ayurvedic Massage hubs of Kerala. Your non-lubricated joints, painful lumbar, headaches, neck sprains, and nerve disorders will have a natural treatment for a permanent cure. Those who know the calmative side of this massaging technique have already landed on the holy land.
  4. The blend of Aryan and Dravidian culture which is predominantly found in the temples of Kerala has also been imbibed by its people. The “Kerala Phenomenon” or the concept of high tolerance and respect for everyone is what India is after.
  5. Keralites never skip their first meal and travelers shouldn’t miss the protein-packed delicious “Puttu and Kadala Curry” for Breakfast. Before your long Nature Walks, eat this cylindrical rick cake topped with grated coconuts. You can experience the Kerala’s authentic food with Kerala Culinary tour that will let you explore the most beautiful places in Kerala for a memorable holiday.
  6. Much like the French’s fish en papillote as mentioned by the famous American Chef, Anthony Bourdain, “Fish Pollichathu” is wrapped in wilted banana leaves for its healthy aroma and fried to perfection using coconut oil. Your dormant tastebuds will erupt lava once you pounce on this delectable dish.
  7. Hold it like the English do and sip the “Indian White Tea” at the confluence of three rivers (Munnar). The youngest bud is used to make this mild tea. Your misconceptions about Tea ends in the 16 decades old Lockhart Tea Factory. Take time to taste green and black tea too.
  8. Endemic to the Thrissur district, Changalikondan or Nendram Banana is used in the preparation of the Onam’s favorite snack, Banana Chips. Westerners can feed the nutrition meter popping a few fried banana chunks.
  9. Kathakali dance is a cultural delight for international travelers while the festooned and brightened caricatures in Kathakali masks make it an unmissable souvenir. How about winning the bargaining game? Hey! Opt for a win-win hassle and buy masks from local stalls or government emporiums.
  10. Coconut shell handicrafts, bamboo pens, brass and bell metal art, colorful-coir mattresses, and healing Pulpaya mats add to the eco-friendly tally of Kerala. Shop during Kochi-Muzris Biennale (4 months running art festival) in Fort Kochi for eco-friendly products.
  11. Frescos living up to the expectation of the ancient mythology in and around temples and churches form the basis of knowledgeable art culture in Kerala. The Kerala Mural Painting is an intricate process having many hidden details.
  12. Cleopatra’s dearest Oysters surround the romantic Padanna Beach where the farmers rely on these slimy beings. Who wants to enter the crowded beaches when you can experience a tranquil sunset with your loved one. Save some time to visit the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary near Vallikunnu Beach in Malappuram.
  13. Thattekkad”(Flat Forest) is your next best catnap destination. Hornbill camp is the prime spot from where ornithologists and bird watchers can relaxedly sight unseen exotic birds. The silence of the surroundings gets you closer to nature.
  14. Happy and ready-to-help faces of God’s Own Country treat guests in the most amicable way. The hospitable nature of Kerala lures travelers from all over the world. The resplendent atmosphere celebrates god-envying temple festivals, Vallam Kali (boat race), and similar lively events.
  15. One can transform into a Zen Mougli resting on the Tree House of Athirapuzha, Thekkady, or Munnar. Combine your stay with nature walks like Paulo Coelho near Marayoor waterfalls in the morning while you might see trekkers rappelling.
  16. Temple festivals, wildlife safaris, Tiger reserves, and Bandipur roadways have one thing in common – Elephants! Take part in elephant rides, bathing elephants, sighting caparisoned elephants during Thrissur Pooram. They will make you fall in love with their slow and elegant walk.
  17. Vagamon is full of adventure, especially paragliding improves a traveler’s cluttered and boring trekking pursuit. Trained instructors make you feel like you own a pair of wings. Become fearless and get a bird-eye view of the lush landscapes.
  18. Most of the Bollywood movies are crap with excess hero glorification! Learn to feed realistic cinema to your mind seeing Malayalam movies. The characters are as real as their landscapes and haunt you forever. Travelers easily get in touch with the lifestyle of Kerala through cinema. World-class movies are made just like that.
  19. Shabby yet silent Toddy Shops of Kerala close to the backwaters has the perfect Kerala experience. But to find the best store, interact with the locals and waste some hours getting lost during the Sunset. You can say “Kallu” which is the local word for the sweet and sedative palm wine.
  20. Solo travelers seeking solace or a family approaching one long vacation should choose the dignified traditional homestays in the small hamlets of Kerala. A succinct halt rejuvenates you and your beloved people to have more mental clarity back home. A small team of courteous individuals might befriend you for this life with their openness, smearing the character of Kerala all over you.

If you wish to experience Kerala in your own way, we are on the way to make your life and travel diaries beautiful.

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