Kerala - Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary located at the most scenic locations in Kerala is a splendid region that appears as if right out of a fairy tale. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is flourished by the Periyar and Cheruthoni rivers. This sanctuary is a rich hotspot for a wide variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is carpeted in green pastures that have balsams and colorful orchids that grow above the grasslands making the entire regions a thick bed of flowers as seen from a bird’s eye view. It is home to the endangered species of the Nilgiri Tahr which can be found in the forest ranges of the Western Ghats.

The sanctuary is surrounded by picturesque lakes which offers a romantic boat ride and the surrounding forest area teems with deciduous and evergreen trees that adds to the charm of the lake. The majestic arch shaped dam which is built across two hills stands protectively over the sanctuary. The herds of elephants and gaurs found there are enchanting sights that allure tourists to the sanctuary. Other than the Idukki dam two more dams nourish this place, the Cheruthoni and Kulamanu which keep the sanctuary in its state of moist throughout the year.

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is filled with trees, undulating hills, mountains and valleys. The sight of herds of elephants that are seen walking across the grasslands is a sight for sore eyes. The image of the cuddly beasts wading through soft marshes of grass will never leave your memory.

Wildlife in Idukki

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is famed for its huge herds of elephants, tiger, leopard, gaur, jungle cats, giant squirrel, spotted and sambar deer, bison and wild dogs. The sanctuary is a place of dwelling for species like cobras, kraits, vipers and many other non-poisonous species reside in the sanctuary. A rich variety of avifauna is seen here like the jungle fowl, Bulbul, hornbill, Peafowl, purple sun bird and woodpecker. The variety of fauna is a popular attraction in the Idukki wildlife sanctuary. These animals give you lively memories with their presence that makes you feel like living in the cradles of nature.

Flora in Idukki

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is found to exist with steep hills and valleys. The forest region comprises of a wide variety of tropical deciduous and evergreen forests with a majority coming under the evergreen and semi evergreen. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary also houses green grasslands and part of the Shola forests. The lake at the sanctuary offers an enthralling view of the Idukki dam which makes the entire experience a wondrous marvel. Perched across two hills, the Idukki Dam is situated in the vicinity of the Idukki wildlife sanctuary and is a source of water for the forest. The sanctuary is blessed with ample rainfall throughout the year that keeps the area green and dense for the wildlife to move about. There are three dams that flourish the sanctuary with their presence, the Idukki, the Cheruthoni and Kulamanu dams.

Attractions in Idukki wildlife sanctuary


If you are a wildlife and nature lover or if you just like to visit something new and exciting, the Idukki wildlife sanctuary has a lot in store for you. As you explore the Idukki wildlife sanctuary, you will find that there is much and more to do here than you can in one day. The sanctuary and the areas in the vicinity can offers you with a vibrant places to enjoy at. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary itself offers trekking and safaris which takes you closer to the animals and lets you explore their habitat where you can catch their pictures at a safe distance. The Idukki district is filled with a lot of places to visit around and spend your vacation. There are many natural places to visit like the Idukki Lake which is an arch shaped dam that was built across two hills and is a main source of hydroelectric power in the area. One of the most naturally endowed places in Kerala, the Idukki wildlife sanctuary is known to entertain its visitors with a multitude of options.

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