Kerala - Silent Valley wildlife Sanctuary

Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary

During your visit to God’s own country, you should visit the famous Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary that is a glorious spread of greenery situated in the hills of Nilgiris in the Palakkad district at Kerala. This sanctuary remains as one of the undisturbed regions in the south Western Ghats and retains its pristine beauty. This unique natural preservation of forest is one among nature’s most precious gifts to humankind. Spread across a sprawling area of green grasslands and mountains, the Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is a magnificent place for the habitat of a wide flora and fauna in the region. Some of these plant and wild life are found nowhere in the world. This rich biodiversity of nature attracts a lot of tourists, scientists, nature lovers and field biologists from all corners of the world. The Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is blessed by the presence of the Kunathi River which nourishes the flora and fauna found here. The sanctuary is closed on all sides by high hills and steep slopes remaning a uniquely preserved pristine forests. The Kunathi River runs down steep ravines providing crystal clear freshwater to the plant and animal life that thrive from the waters of the river and helps in maintaining the ecosystem of the forest. The Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is the centerpiece of the Nilgiri forests and is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wildlife in Silent Valley

Blessed with a bountiful natural fauna, the Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is home to 16 species of birds which includes the unique Nilgiri wooded pigeon, white-bellied treepie, Malabar parakeet, Nilgiri laughing Thrush and the Nilgiri blue-robin. The mammal species accounts to about 34 varieties and includes the endangered Lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Giant grizzled squirrel and the Nilgiri langur. The Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary provides an undisturbed place for the thriving wildlife. The river Kunathi provides with a natural habitat for frogs, fish and other aquatic amphibians. The Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is sure to enthrall you during your visit with its unique wildlife.

Flora in Silent Valley

The Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is a gold mine for many professional scientists and botanists because of the abundant variety of flora found in this area. It has about a 1000 varieties of flowering plans and a huge statistical numbers of other vegetation. Because of the heavy rainfall throughout the year, the Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary is filled with a verdant sized greenery in the region. The river Kunathi nourishes this region with crystal clear freshwater which helps the vegetation to thrive.

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