Kerala - Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The glorious Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala and is also a part of the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats. This place is a hub to both nature lovers, bird and butterfly watchers. Because of the low annual rainfall this region receives it has a diversified ecosystem of rocks, grasslands, shrubs, deciduous regions and thorns.

There are over 156 species of butterflies and more than 200 different varieties of birds found in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. This is home to the endangered grizzled giant squirrel of India. This region has an exotic variety of animal species such as elephants, hanuman monkeys, panthers, elephants and Gaur that constitute to an important part of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

This sanctuary is famed for its eco-tourism programs organized by the forest department itself. This sanctuary, unlike other forest areas in India, has a diverse topography that combines plantations of different sorts. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to a sandalwood forest which is a major tourist attraction. During monsoon this region has a refreshing feel and invites tourists especially right after monsoon gets over. This sanctuary is home to a variety of endangered species including plants and butterflies. Spotting elephants and Gaurs during your stay is a pretty common in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

This place is preferred by trekkers because of its distinctive landscape.

Wildlife in Chinnar

The unique topographical structure of the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a mix of deciduous forests, rocks and grasslands with many others which makes this place a hotspot for trekkers. This sanctuary is famous for the eco-tourism activities that take place here which was organized by the Eco development committees formed by the local tribes and the forest department. The sanctuary is home to over hundreds of wildlife species including a range of butterflies, birds and fishes. The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary houses the world’s most endangered species of the Giant Grizzled Squirrel and the Hanuman Monkey. It also has other species of wild animals like elephants, panthers, Gaurs and Deer varieties.

Flora in Chinnar

Chinar is clad with the exotic variety of 963 species of flowering plants growing in the region. The region is mostly made up of moist grasslands and dry deciduous forests. The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary houses a wide range of medicinal plants and you can also notice a large sandalwood forest in the sanctuary. The vegetation is mainly of wet grasslands, shrubs, thorn and deciduous regions. The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary has two perennial rivers, the Pamabr and the Chinnar, that provide as a major water source for the sanctuary. The tribal inhabitants of the forest are known to cultivate maize, lemongrass and ragi. Some settlements cultivate ganja for religious worship purposes.

Attractions in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


The forest area of the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and tourists. It comprises of a vibrant variety of butterflies some of which are a rare species making this place a butterfly watcher’s paradise. The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary offers a multitude of activities including fishing and bird watching. Because of the topographical location of the sanctuary, the forest department along with the tribal committees have organized an eco-tourism for the tourists. This includes taking the tourists to jungle trekking, river trekking, nature trail, camping and many more. Some of the attractions you can enjoy while in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are,

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