Best Places To Visit In Kerala During Christmas And New Year

Christmas and New Year Celebration in Kerala

The merriment and cheerfulness of Christmas last till the New Year’s eve in God’s Own Country, Kerala. With delicious cakes, wines, sweets, gifts, parties, carnivals, and grand feasts, Kerala celebrates a holly jolly Christmas season and a splendid New Year’s eve, regardless of caste and creed. Excitement and fervor are at its peak and there’s a lot to see and explore in Kerala during this holiday season. As Kerala serves you with a pleasant climate in this season, it is the ideal time for enjoying the delightful backwaters, beaches and hill stations of Kerala.

Christmas celebration in 2019

Now, what’s your plan for this Christmas & New Year holiday? If a trip to Kerala is in your mind, we are extremely happy to gift you the most enjoyable vacation in Kerala to make this Christmas and New Year season a memorable one for you. 

This blog gives you a sneak peek into the Best Places To Visit In Kerala During Christmas & New Year:

1) Beautiful Churches in Kerala – To take part in the holy midnight mass & immerse yourself in prayers.

Christmas is one of the most pious days for Christians all around the world. They celebrate the birth of their Saviour Jesus Christ, attending Solemn service and midnight masses at the church, singing Christmas carols and enacting the nativity scenes through miniature models and plays. They also welcome New Year with immense devotion and prayer. Kerala Christians also celebrate this beloved occasion with much ardour and devotion. All the Churches in Kerala come alive during the Christmas and New Year with stunning lightings and decorations offering a visual feast. Christmas is incomplete without paying a visit to the most ravishing and exuberant churches of Kerala. So let’s start with the beautiful churches in Kerala.

  • Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi:

Endowed with the architectural and artistic grandeur of Gothic style, the Santa Cruz Basilica in Fort Kochi adorns with dazzling lights during Christmas and New Year.

Front view of Santa Cruz Basilica church in Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

The Santa Cruz Basilica in Fort Kochi is one of Kerala’s heritage churches and one among the eight Basilicas in the state. This lovely church hosts an annual midnight mass that attracts locals and tourists alike. With prayers, songs and carols, the church creates a divine ambiance during the joyous festive time. 

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  • St. Mary’s Cathedral, Pattom, Trivandrum:

The prime worship center of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Trivandrum is known for its one-month-long Christmas celebrations that last up to New Year’s eve.

St. Mary's Cathedral in Pattom, Trivandrum

A large number of devotees and tourists participate in the celebrations as well as in the solemn service at the church. The architecture of the church is stupendous, and the most noteworthy feature is the captivating murals and inscriptions that embellish its interiors.

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  • Edathua Church, Alleppey:

Believed to possess miraculous healing powers, the Edathua Church (St. George Forane Church) situated on the banks of river Pampa in Alleppey, is considered as a very special church by the devotees.

St. George Syro Malabar Forane Church in Edathua, Alleppey

The church is thronged by devotees irrespective of religion during the time of Christmas and New Year. The beautiful church showcases the medieval European style of architecture and looks gorgeous with lightings during the festival time.

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  • St. George Syro- Malabar Catholic Forane Church, Edappally:

Edappally St. George Syro- Malabar Catholic Forane Church is counted as the richest Catholic shrine in Kerala. It is renowned for its holy well with water that possesses curative powers.

The Church gets decked up during Christmas and New Year, offering an extraordinary stunning look that leaves everyone in awe. The interior of the Church is adorned with a captivating mural of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus with angels around them.

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  • Pallikunnu Church, Wayanad:

Pallikunnu Church also known as Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Wayanad is one of the bustling pilgrim centers of Kerala. It displays a simple yet elegant architectural structure amidst green surroundings and tranquil ambiance.

Our Lady of Lourde's Church (Pallikkunnu Church) in Wayanad

Though the main festival of the Church is held in the month of February, Christmas and New Year is also celebrated here with great pomp. Christmas is a time of merriment here with carnivals and fests.

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2) All-Time Entertainer, Kochi – To have a blast at the Cochin Carnival

Kochi is the ideal place to be at during the Christmas and New Year as it treats you with the mind-blowing Cochin Carnival. It is a 10-day extravaganza that starts on the 25th of December, the Christmas day and ends on January 1st, the New Year’s eve.

Traditional Kathakali Dance in Cochin Carnival

This grand fiesta is marked by street parades, decorated elephants, music, dance, fairs, games, sports, art displays, and many other celebrations. At the stroke of the midnight hour on New Year’s Eve, an effigy of an old man is burnt which indicates the end of the old year and the birth of New Year and it forms the major attraction of Cochin Carnival.

Streets of Fort Kochi, Kerala

Besides, Kochi has a bundle of tourist attractions that holds aloft its old-world colonial charm. Exploring its attractions like FortKochi, Mattancherry Palace, Jewish SynagogueChinese Fishing NetKerala Kathakali Center, etc, keeps on reminding us of the European powers, mainly the Portuguese, Chinese and the Dutch that once ruled over the place. Many exotic islands, lovely beaches, amazing museums, sanctuaries, parks, and a lot of shopping malls are there in Kochi making it a fascinating holiday destination.

3) Tranquil Alleppey Backwaters – To cruise around the darling waters enjoying the beautiful lightings around.

This Christmas and New Year season set sail through the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey in the luxurious houseboats and be treated to the unforgettable cruising experience.

Alleppey Backwaters and Houseboat Tour

The scintillating backwaters experience in Alleppey bounded by lofty palm groves on both sides and the emerald paddy fields are a visual delight. Enjoy an overnight stay in the houseboat and watch the beautiful lightings and decorations across the households and enjoy the joyful carols echoing from the churches.

4) Gorgeous Munnar Hill Station – To relax in the lap of nature & revel in the festive spirit.

The gorgeous Munnar Hill Station is one of the best places to visit and to revel in the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year. The remarkable weather condition and mesmerizing sceneries offer a lovely environ to celebrate the joyous festive season.

Hotel Blanket in Munnar, Kerala

Apart from celebrations, Munnar offers ample opportunities to relax in the lap of nature. For those who love adventure, there are countless activities in Munnar for you to indulge. Visit the Christ Church in Munnar to take part in the holy Christmas and New Year service.

5) Stunning Kovalam Beach – To take pleasure in the thrilling beach Carnival.

Endless fun awaits you at the stunning Kovalam Beach during the Christmas and New Year Season. The delightful weather condition makes it an ideal time to visit Kovalam. One can relax or take a stroll along the golden shores of Kovalam admiring the beautiful sceneries around.

New Year celebration in Kovalam beach

The pristine beaches of Kovalam enliven with thrilling beach carnival during this time attracting swarms of tourists as well as locals. One can get into the festive mood along with indulging in beach carnival when you are at Kovalam during the Christmas time. 

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Come and explore Kerala this Christmas & New Year season and be treated with countless cherishable memories.

On this very special festival season, Explore the God’s Own Country Kerala with Kerala Tourism Holiday’s special tour packages and customized tour packages for you to enjoy a cheerful vacation in Kerala during this Christmas & New Year.


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