Cochin - Kerala Kathakali Center

Cochin - Kerala Kathakali Center

Kerala Kathakali Center was established in Cochin in the year 1990. The main aim of this institution is to conduct Kathakali classes and other traditional art forms, thereby popularizing and encouraging the classical arts of Kerala. Beside Kathakali, classes on traditional art forms of the state like martial arts (Kalarippayattu), and music are also conducted here. Dedication and Discipline are the two important factors you need to become a great Kathakali performer. The Kerala Kathakali Center is a well-organized institute that teaches you each and every minute aspect of these traditional art forms. You can also watch Kathakali performed by well-trained artists at this institute.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
Throughout the year. 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. All days of the week. 2 Hrs. Yes

Availability of Guides :-

A trip with a travel agency to Kochi will include guides to Kerala Kathakali Center.


Small shops are available.


Watching Kathakali performance.


No adventure activities.


Yoga and meditation.

Famous for:-

History buffs, experience seekers, connoisseur.

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