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Hey! Good news for all the travel bugs out there! Jatayu Earth Centre – A newborn tourist destination of Kerala is now unveiled to you! An epic spot, Jatayu Earth Centre will for sure take the world by storm. An absolute must add in your next Kerala itinerary.

Jatayu Earth Centre in Kerala

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Do you know what makes Jatayu Earth Centre worthy of mention?

It is none other than for being the largest bird sculpture in the world with an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. This stupendous statue is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall and is built on a mighty rock named Jatayupara. This functional sculpture has 15000 square feet of utility space. It is the first major BOT tourism in Kerala as well as it is one of the best centers for adventure in India.

Eager to know where it is?

Jatayu Earth Centre is beautifully positioned at Jatayupara near Chadayamangalam town in Kollam district of Kerala. It is situated 1000 feet above the sea level and spreads across four hills, over 65 acres of multi-terrain landscape.

Jatayu Earth Centre Aerial View

Awe-inspiring views with diverse geographic features ranging from hills, valleys, rugged rocks, caves to cultivable lands, makes this place an enchanting tourist location.

Want to hear the legend behind this place?

According to the great Indian epic Ramayana, Jatayu is characterized as a mythical bird of divine origin. One day, it happened to hear a heart-rending cry of a lady. It was Sita (wife of Rama)who was crying for help while she has been abducted to Lanka by the demon king Ravana in his airborne chariot named Pushpaka Vimana. Jatayu tried to save Sita, rushed to rescue her, stopping Ravana’s chariot and engaged in a battle with him. Jatayu fought with the utmost courage and determination to save Sita from Ravana. But to his ill-fate, Ravana cut off the bird’s left wing with his powerful sword Chandrahasa and went away with Sita. It is believed that the badly injured Jatayu fell on top of this rock. Later, this rock came to be known as Jatayupara and it is the place where the world’s largest bird sculpture – Jatayu is now built as a tribute to this mythical bird from Ramayana.

JATAYU a mythical bird from the epic Ramayana

One can see a pond near the rock which is believed to be formed by the stroke of Jatayu’ s beak. The specialty of this pond is that it never goes dry and has water throughout the year. It is also believed that Lord Rama had come to Jatayupara and gave moksha to the wounded and dying Jatayu. Rama got the vital information about his wife Sita from Jatayu that she was abducted to Lanka by the demon king Ravana. A mark of a footprint is found on the rock which is said to be that of Lord Rama. And there is a temple dedicated to Rama at the Jatayupara.

Well! who would have been the mastermind behind this gigantic sculpture?

This gigantic bird sculpture is the masterpiece creation of renowned film director, art director, and sculptor, Shri Rajiv Anchal. The creative artistic excellence of Shri Rajiv Anchal over a dedicated span of 10 years bestowed to us this world-class marvel, Jatayu Earth Centre. According to Rajiv Anchal, ‘Jatayu symbolizes a bygone era where humans and other living beings cared for each other and co-existed on this planet Earth peacefully.’ In his words, this symbolism gives more emphasis to women’s safety and honor.

Shri Rajiv Anchal – the mastermind behind the gigantic sculpture

Hence, this sculpture is a tribute to womanism and can be called the “Statue of Women Safety and Honor”. Rajiv Anchal believed in the overall development of humanity through his creation and also has a vision in integrating conservation of the natural ecosystem.

Why Jatayu Earth Centre a must-try in the bucket list?

Reasons are many that make you go speechless at this incredible tourist destination. You will be greeted with mythology and novelty, adventure and serenity, as well as visually enchanting spectacles and mind-blowing amusements at the Jatayu Earth Centre that is spread over an area of 65 acres of multi-terrain landscape. The four hills on which this incredible Jatayu Earth Centre is spread across houses four distinct entities that offer you with the most mesmerizing experiences to cherish for a lifetime. The Jatayu rock sculpture is the world’s largest bird sculpture of the Jatayu bird. You should experience its beauty when you visit Kollam, Kerala.

Let’s see what are the surprises that await you at these four hills: –

Hill 1:

The world’s largest bird sculpture and the awe-inspiring utility space approximately, 15000 square feet inside this functional sculpture is what steals the show at the Hill 1. The bird’s sculpture takes the form of Jatayu with its ripped wings lying on the rocks. The Jatayu sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall and is built on a giant rock with a height of 1000 feet. The tourists can witness the panoramic vista of Kerala’s landscape and the Arabian Sea from the Bird’s eye view located in the eye of the Jatayu sculpture with a staircase leading to the top.

The gigantic Jatayu sculpture spans over 5 levels that house an audio-visual museum and a multi-dimensional mini-theater. This museum can hold about 400 tourists in an hour. The state-of-the-art cable cars are imported from Switzerland and are one of its kind in India. These cable cars can take the tourists from a distance of 750 meters to an altitude of 1000 feet which houses the Jatayu sculpture. The journey in a fully glass-covered cabin to the gigantic sculpture over the hills and valleys with the panoramic view of the landscape is a fabulous experience that words fall short to describe it. At present, 16 cable cars are available here and it is capable of carrying 8 passengers at a time. Relaxing spaces and eateries adorn the walkways and stairways to the sculpture.

A Clip Of Jatayu National Park

The Jatayu Earth Centre can accommodate over 4000 tourists in a day. Pilgrim Tourism forms the next entity that draws tourists to the Jatayu Earth Centre. The temple dedicated to Lord Rama is a major attraction here. The pond that is believed to have been formed by the stroke of Jatayu’s beak can be seen here. This pond never goes dry and contains water throughout the year. The footprint of Lord Sree Rama is found adjacent to this pond. And these form the divine entities of the Jatayu Earth Centre. There is also a rainwater harvesting reservoir set on the hilltop which is capable of holding up to 1.5 million liters of water.

Hill 2:

The Adventure Centre highlights the most striking feature of the Jatayu Earth Centre. The safety and technologies used in this Adventure Centre are inspired by international standards. The integrated paintball station which is spread across the large natural terrain is an exclusive feature of the Jatayu Earth Centre.

Adventure Activities In Jatayu Adventure Center

Hour-Long trekking through the safe private forest is a wonderful experience. A group of adventurists ranging from 10 to 100 can participate in the adventure activities here.

Hill 3:

A Night Party Clip in Jatayu Adventure Center

The moonlight dinner with live music catches your fantasy here and relish the multi-cuisines at the live kitchen. 250-meter long Zip-line zone, Sky Cycling, Campfire, Night Tent Camping are the other attractions of Hill 3.

Hill 4:

Health Tourism in the form of a wellness center is the next crowning feature of Jatayu Earth Centre. The traditional age-old Siddha treatment in natural caves that are transformed into wellness spaces provides you with a complete rejuvenating experience. Accommodation facilities are  also provided here. You can see herbal gardens with a wide variety of medicinal plants here. Jatayu wellness center also offers 10-day long Siddha rejuvenation packages.

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Hill 4 View With Helipad and Cable Car Facility

Tourists can fly over to this wellness center with the aid of helicopters and the enthralling panoramic sky views will definitely take your breath away.

Ever dream of Adventure in the laps of Mother nature?

Jatayu Earth Centre fulfills your dream by providing a world-class adventure experience amidst a refreshing natural setting. Words can’t describe the amazing view the place offers. Tons of exhilarating games and adventure activities are all set here to wake up the adventurer in you. Archery, Rifle Shooting, Jummering, Rappelling, Bouldering, Valley Crossing, Chimney Climbing, vertical Ladder, Zip-line, Commando Net, Log Walking and much more exciting activities are there to entertain the adrenaline junkies visiting Jatayu Adventure Centre.

Paintball-jatayu-national park
Paintball Players In Jatayu Adventure Center

The most fascinating activity here is the Paint Ball held in a natural setting. It is a team-building game that is strategically designed to teach you teamwork, leadership, communication under pressure, and strategic planning as well. For those who love indulging in adventure, Jatayu Adventure Centre is a complete feast of adventure activities.

What to know before heading to Jatayu Earth Centre?

  • Only the persons above 14 years of age are allowed to take part in the adventure activities at this center.
  • A group consisting of at least 10 persons can take part in the adventure activities and can book the tickets directly through the official website of the Jatayu Earth Centre. On the other hand, in the case of a very large group, one should contact the center directly.
  • For children with a height below 90 cm, the entry fee is free.
  • A full day-long adventure training program is conducted at the Jatayu Adventure Centre under the guidance of a professional team.

How to Reach Jatayu Earth’s Center

By Air:
Trivandrum International Airport, about 52 Km.

By Rail:
Nearest Railway Stations to Chadayamangalam are:

Kottarakara Railway Station, about 22 Km.
Quilon (Kollam) Railway Station, about 43 Km.
Trivandrum Railway Station, about 52 Km.

By Road:
Jatayu Earth Centre in Kollam is situated about 200 meters away from Trivandrum – Kochi highway.

Jatayu Earths Center is one of the latest tourist attractions of Kerala, located at Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district of Kerala.

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