BALARAMA CAVE – Explore The Darkness in Wonder La!

How to genuinely get scared while visiting the Balarama Caves?

India’s celebrated comic characters like Luttapi, Kuttusan, and Dakini of Balarama magazine that transformed the childhood of Kerala kids with their sheer brilliance, positive humour, and presence of mind are reliving their legacy in the Balarama Cave in Wonder La (Amusement Park in Kochi, Kerala). The spookiness engraved route of the Balarama caves have creepy and ghastly beings. Horror Fans! (Teenagers) Get into this cave after a watching “The Conjuring” or “Exorcist” to intensify the scary feel. The scary meter of yours should give you the necessary jerks if you come with an open mind and a dark mood.

Remember! Even “Valak” or “Pazuzu” can’t scare you if you mock everything and spoil that frightening feeling. There are numerous reports about ‘the scary sensation’ cutting off the fat. Yes! You read that right. The involuntary impulses create alert reflux making you lose fat. Combine these with a cardio session, you are on your way to a muscular prisoner’s physique. If you are ready to hustle and genuinely want blood-curdling shadows to creep the hell out of you, visit Balarama caves after discussing about the presence of ghosts with your mates.

“It is just as much as fun to scare as to be scared.” – Vincent Price

Imagine you are going on a ride through a dark weird cave where you are greeted with witches, wizards, skeletons and evil spirits accompanied by horrifying sounds, and frightening thunderstorms. Sounds too scary…. right? Well!! this is what you experience at the Balarama Cave in Wonderla, Kochi. Balarama Cave is not all about scaring and frightening scenes, but for me it is a cave of fantasy where you can meet your favourite comic characters, Mayavi, Kuttusan, Dakini, and Luttapi, brought to life, creating a wonder world of fun and surprises for kids and adults alike.

Balarama is a famous Indian comic magazine owned by Malayala Manorama group and Mayavi, Kuttusan, Dakini, and Luttapi are the leading characters which are still admired by many, regardless of their age. Hence, the cave was named as Balarama Cave and was inaugurated by the famous Malayalam actor, Padmashree Jayaram. This huge artificial cave which is fully computer controlled is first of its kind in India and is one of the top rides in Kochi Wonderla, loved by kids.

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Modes of Transport

This creepy cave is open throughout the year and operates from 11 AM to 6 PM. The amusement park is near to the Kochi International Airport (just 25 km) while Ernakulum Railway Junction is just at a distance of 19 km. Frequent buses to the amusement park is available from the Ernakulum Bus Station (just 16 km).

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