Thekkady Hill Station – Best place to visit during Summer in Kerala

Summer is coming! I’ll stay home and sulk about the heat playing havoc on my mood. Right? NO! Time to get creative and approach Thekkady (Teak Trees) in Kerala with your family for recovering your tired mind and body. Wild animals come out in the open for water and that’s why summer in Thekkady works well for wildlife enthusiasts and curious animal loving kids. Activities? You have plenty to do!

Thekkady Hill Station is a cynosure of long chains of continuous mountains, a diversified wildlife and fragrant aromatic spices. Wrapped in the Western ghats and housing the finest wildlife in India, Thekkady lies in the Idukki district of Kerala.

Thekkady, perched atop 700 meters above the sea level is one of the tempting hill stations in Kerala which is rich in biodiversity and is famed as the largest wildlife sanctuary of India. Sheltered under the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of the mighty Western Ghats, Thekkady hill station maintains an aura of lush greenery in every nook and corner and is flourished with abundant varieties of flora and fauna. The unending chain of snow-covered mountains, lovely streams and beautiful lakes adds to its scenic charm. The mesmerizing natural beauty and inhabiting an abundant number of wildlife animals make Thekkady one of the prominent eco-tourism spots in Kerala worthy of mention. Most of all, Thekkady is famed for its tiger reserve which forms one of the splendiferous wildlife reserves in India. The artificial lake formed by a dam across the Periyar river enhances the beauty of the wildlife sanctuary of Thekkady.

The vast plantations in this hill station grow natural spices such as tea, coffee, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, nut mace, ginger and clove. A lot of tourists are attracted to this hill station to savor the bliss of pure nature. The most exciting activity that attracts the adventure enthusiasts at Thekkady hill station is the night jungle patrolling to spot the nocturnal animals of the reserve. Boating is another favourite activity of tourists visiting Thekkady.

Animal sighting at Periyar National Park and Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary is also popular with tourists. The locations here are extremely serene and some of them like the tea and spice plantations, the forests etc can be explored while staying in the region. Families can also explore the vegetation through boat rides in the Periyar River and enjoying the waterfalls of the nearby regions and can visit the tea factories too.

Boating, Bamboo Rafting, Nature Walks, Elephant safari, Jungle Shepherding, Jeep ride and Trekking are a few. Exploring places amidst dangerous animals with some level of security will make your scorching holidays alleviate the most hated heat. The temperature fluctuates from 20-degree Celsius to 36-degree Celsius during Summer. That is why you’ll spot local wildlife photographers with their powerful DSLRs roaming for clicking candid snaps of Elephants, occasional Tigers, Sambars, Langurs, and rare lorikeets.

The famous Mangala Devi Temple  and Chellar Kovilis open to tourists during this time for an adventure coupled spiritual experience. Chithra Purnima is the most vibrantly celebrated festival here. On your way to this temple, you spot Nilgiri Tahrs during the 12 km long ride in jeeps.

Want to bathe elephants? Head to Periyar National Park where they have dedicated pools for bathing the elephants. Formed in 1895, Periyar Lake is a haven for the elephant population and scarce Tiger population (The 10th Tiger Reserve in India and was formed in 1978). While going for bamboo rafting you’ll have to walk some distance in the jungle and better wear a jean, leech socks (buy in the entrance), and a good pair of shoes.

“Thekkady is the righteous passageway to wildlife and happiness.”

The Kalari Centre in Thekkady displays you men like Samurais engaging in rhythmic combat. This is “Kalarippayattu”, the most famous form of martial art in Kerala. Soothe your fighting soul with the exotic and endemic spices of Kerala inhaling the natural scent from the caressing wind. Ask the prolific Kingfishers, Egrets, Darters, Herons, and the rubber tree loving Malabar Grey Hornbill about the spices of Thekkady located 700 meters above sea level.

Try an Open Jeep Safari into the wild, you can eat fresh guavas and taste the flavor of the Cardamom Barks while strolling relaxedly through the Cardamom plantations of Thekkady. The exhilarating sight of a herd of Tusked Heroes, Wild Bison like a oil painting, and the Malabar Squirrels in this trip will make your trip memorable. Shola forest and Sabarimala Temple are nearby sweet spots for a gratifying trekking experience.

A blend of deciduous forests, savannahs, and evergreen forests in Thekkady is a delight to travelers who cannot experience such a combination anywhere in South India. Connecting two states, Thekkady has everything for a whole family for a family tour. The elderly can involve in mild activities like Nature Walks, bird watching, and boating while young children can delve deep into the corridors of forests experiencing an off-road bumpy ride. Kumily is where you’ll find the aromatic and healthy spices that decorate the south Indian kitchens. There are tree houses for an overnight stay and local cuisine like Fish Curry to take your tongue out for a stimulating walk in the land of the delectable dishes.

Nearest Tourist Spots

Kumily is a must visit destination for any tourists who makes a trip to Thekkady. Located in the outskirts of 4 kilometers away from Thekkady, This beautiful town nestled between the cardamom hills is an important shopping and spice trade centre. Tourists can go for typical Kerala cuisine in this town. Murikkady is an ideal picnic spot around 5 kilometers away from Thekkady. A panorama of cardamom, coffee and pepper plantations in Murikkady is an ideal place to visit various spices plantations.
Peermede, 44 Kms away from Thekkady lays an important excursion destination of Thekkady, Peermede. It is situated at an altitude of 915-1100m above sea level. Gavi is around 14 km away from Kumily. Many choices are here like trekking, bird watching, outdoor camping etc.

You can buy Cardamom, Tea, Coffee, Black Pepper, Nutmace, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger after you have done all the adrenaline rushing and soulful walks in the Nature-embraced terrains of Thekkady.


Thekkady has an extremely pleasant climate throughout the year, where you can see the vibrant contrast of the verdant forests. September to March is the best time to visit Thekkady Hill Station.These months are ideal for carrying treks and also best suited for jungle safaris.


By Air:

Madurai Airport and Cochin International airport are the nearest airports to Thekkady which are situated at a distance of 149.9 Km and 152 Km respectively.

By Rail:

Kottayam Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Thekkady which is situated at a distance of 114 Km.

By Road:

Many state transport buses are easily available from major cities of Kerala like Kochi, Kottayam, Munnar, Trivandrum, etc.

Self Rides:

You can also drive through the countryside from Cochin to Thekkady which can be quite an experience.

Enjoy a great time in Thekkady during this summer, which brings you a lush garden of Eden that will take you through quaint little hill towns and soft contoured hill slopes. will help you to plan a memorable holiday during this summer.

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