Meesappulimala – a destination for the highly adventurous is the second highest peak in the Western Ghats and a trekking trail via Rhodo Valley. Meesapulimala is a trekker’s delight where one can drench in the spirit of adventurous trekking. Offering one of the most challenging and fascinating trekking routes in Kerala, Meesapulimala is lauded as the second highest peak in the Western Ghats after the Anamudi Peak and is also declared as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Peak resembles a tiger about to pounce and it is situated at an altitude of 8,661 feet above the sea level in the Idukki district of Kerala. Being a hotspot of biodiversity and surrounded with enthralling views, Meesapulimala embraces every type of travellers.

Trekking the Meesapulimala Peak is fascinating as well as an unforgettable trip through eight hills which passes through the shared border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala along the picturesque Rhodovalley. The luscious green valleys lined with hundreds of blooming Rhododendrons flowers, sprawling tea gardens, and splashing streamlets on the way to the Meesapulimala Peak are just mind-blowing. The difficulty of trekking is from moderate to tiring and it takes almost 6 to 8 hours to trek up the peak.

As the trek is a bit difficult, it is better to reach Munnar a day before the trek. One can stay at the base camp, Rhodomansion or sky cottage at night before the trek. On the next morning, you will be taken to the Rhodovalley from the base camp in a jeep which is a 4 km journey. On the way, you can witness the Pandava cave. The villagers believe that the Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata, stayed in this cave during their twelve years of exile in the forest. This beautiful cave also shelters countless small and chirpy birds. And the trek initially starts from the foothills of the Rhodovalley. The journey is through high altitude grasslands and thick rain forests which is home to many wildlife varieties including elephants, sloth bear and Nilgiri Tahr.

Pandava Cave

The tiny stream-lets on the way provide sparkling fresh mineral water to quench the thirst of the weary trekkers. Once you are at the top, all the difficulties and trouble you had during the trek seems to vanish and you feel like you are in heaven. From the top, you can catch the panoramic view of Munnar and its neighboring Surianelli and also get a glimpse of the border shared between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Another peculiarity of this trek is that the way used to climb up the peak is not used in descending. And trekking downhill is also fascinating through the valleys of flowers and streams.

Meesapulimala Peak trek is a trek through lush green valleys, hundreds of blooming Rhododendrons, charming tea estates, gurgling brooks – peace is easy to find in the idyllic surroundings of Meesapulimala. This is just a day’s trek and hence trekkers of any age can go for this trek. There are plenty scenic spot in this trek that trekkers can enjoy and capture. It is a easy to moderate trek and therefore can be completed without any hindrances.

Enthrall in an amazing trek to Meesapulimalai, Munnar with friends and family for a completely unraveling experience like never before with

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