Periyar - 30 Minutes Elephant Ride

Periyar - 30 Minutes Elephant Ride

How about riding on the back of the giant, yet gentle creature and strolling through the woods for a while? It becomes possible in Periyar. Periyar, the most exuberant tourist destination in the God’s own country, Kerala. Periyar is known as the home to the tigers and a significant elephant population. Periyar is most suitable for the leisure travellers, adventurers, nature lovers and photo fanatics. Exploring through the dense woods is an unique experience where you can spot the animals moving freely in their natural habitats.

The elephants in the Periyar national park entice you when you indulge yourself in a short 30 minutes Elephant ride where you can explore and enjoy the beauty of nature with its complete essence. Get carried away by the scenic locations and the tranquillity prevailing around.

The blissful experience you get in the Periyar Elephant ride is something unparalleled, connects you to India even after you get back to your homeland.


Duration :

30 Minutes

Time :

Anytime between 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Inclusions :

Elephant Ride

Exclusions :

Transport to Venue and anything not mentioned in the inclusions

Recommended :

For all

Suitable Period :

Throughout the year

Special Instructions :

  • Alcohol or Drug use is not entertained during this program.
  • Do not intimidate the Elephants and always follow the instructions of its Mahout [Trainer].

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