Having a wealth of rich culture and heritage that spans thousands of years, Kerala is an extraordinarily beautiful place situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of India, that can appeal to any type of excursionists. With an assortment of pleasure, adventure, feast and shopping varieties, Kerala is no doubt an ultimate tourist destination that feels close to home and gives you a sense of belonging. When it comes to shopping, you can shop your heart out as there are plenty to shop for in Kerala.

While enjoying the pleasure of shopping in Kerala, you shouldn’t forget to shop the following things:

Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror):

Aranmula Kannadi is such a rare and exceptional piece of souvenir you can take back home from Kerala. Aranmula village in Kerala is the birthplace of this special mirror. It is not made of glass but from a metallic alloy and making of it is a very complicated process. The secret behind this metallic mirror is not yet disclosed to the world and is known only to a particular family in Aranmula. And it is believed that luck, fortune and prosperity favour those who possess it. Better buy it from the family workshop at Aranmula itself.


Where else on earth can you buy fresh spices other than from the ‘land of spices’, Kerala. You can find here a large variety of spices that are of good quality with a refreshing aroma like cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, dried ginger, etc. Fort Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumily, and Periyar are the best places in Kerala to shop for fresh spices.

Tea & Coffee:

Flaunting its mesmerizing beauty, the rolling tea and coffee plantations are a valuable asset of Kerala. The pleasing aroma of the fresh tea and coffee will automatically soothe your senses.

Nothing can beat Kerala in its quality of tea and coffee that are lavish in taste, aroma and colour. So, don’t forget to buy them while exploring Kerala. Tata Tea Museum in Munnar is one of the best places for shopping tea and coffee in Kerala. Here you get a chance to feast your eyes on the various stages of tea processing as well as tickle your tongue with the exotic flavors of tea from all across the world. You can also purchase the best of tea and coffee from Vagamon, Wayanad and Kolukkumalai hill stations in Kerala.

Cashew Nuts:

Kerala’s very own Kollam district takes the privilege of being the ‘land of cashews’. It is a pleasure buying cashews from its homeland, more than that the place offers fresh and the best quality cashews. Before purchasing, taste them and it’s all up to you to choose from the varieties like fried cashews, roasted, salted, sweetened or even plain cashews. You can get cashew nuts from almost everywhere in Kerala.


A variety of chips are there for you to shop in Kerala like Banana Chips, Jackfruit Chips, Tapioca Chips, and the list goes on. Locally known as Upperi, these are famous snacks of Kerala that has a lot of fans all across the world. They are crispy and crunchy and are made with raw banana, raw jackfruit and raw tapioca that are deep-fried in hot coconut oil. Just give it a try, tasting Kerala chips, and you will end up loving it for sure. And don’t forget to shop some for your families and friends. The Banana chips coated with Jaggery, known as Sharkara Varatti is a must-try. You can find chips all over Kerala and also you can watch it live, the preparation of chips in some of the shops in Kerala.

Kasavu Mundu & Kasavu Saree:

Kasavu Mundu for men and Kasavu Saree for women are the classic ethnic wear of Kerala. These are pure cotton fabrics with golden and copper zari borders and are typically handmade. It also comes with various designs and colourful borders as the fashion trend changes. You can see people wearing Kasavu Mundu and Kasavu Saree during traditional ceremonies, temple visits and wedding. These Handlooms are worth an item to purchase from Kerala. Government-authorized Kerala Tourism outlets, as well as many local and branded stores, are there for you to shop for typical Kerala handlooms. In some shops, you can get a glimpse of the weaving of these handlooms.

Nettur Casket (Old Jewellery Box):

Nettur Casket is the ethnic jewellery box of Kerala. This handcrafted box is made of wood, especially of rosewood and the top looks like a pyramid. Nettur Casket is reddish-brown in colour and is adorned with beautiful brass work that reflects temple style. Originally designed in the Nettur region of Thalassery in Kannur district of Kerala, the Nettur Casket was used in ancient times to store ornaments and jewellery, but now it is used as a marvelous decorative piece, that beautifies the interiors of houses, heritage hotels, etc. It is also a nice item to take back home from Kerala and you can get them from handicraft stores.

Handicrafts and Wooden Showpieces:

The creativity and skillfulness of the people of Kerala are noteworthy and is clearly visible from each and every handicraft they have made. Coconut shells, coconut husks, palm leaves, ivory, seashells, wood, mud, stones, canes, etc form their basic material to bring into being some of the most stunning showpieces and handcraft materials in the world. You can buy Coir mats, wall hangings, articles made of coconut shells, elephant figurines made of wood, etc from Kerala. Kathakali Mask, wooden models of Snake boat and houseboats, and Nettipattam (a decorative ornament worn on the forehead of the elephant and is a beautiful home decor item that can be used as a wall hanging) are some exceptional pieces of articles you can shop only from Kerala. Never miss the opportunity to buy them on your trip.

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Nilavilaku is the traditional oil lamp used in Kerala. They are available in different sizes and are made of brass or bronze. Nilavilaku is usually used in religious ceremonies and lighting it on special occasions is considered auspicious. They can be used as a traditional home decor also. You won’t find any difficulty in finding shops that sells Nilavilakku in Kerala, so don’t forget to shop one to take home.

Mural Paintings:

The Mural Paintings of Kerala are just matchless in its beauty and are a treat to the eyes of people who appreciate art. If you love paintings and art, get one for yourself to decorate the walls of your house with fabulous Kerala murals. You can purchase them from handicraft shops, or you can directly order them from noted mural art creators.

Whenever you visit a place, do shop some souvenirs to cherish the memories of the place for your lifetime. Enjoy a vibrant holiday in Kerala and have an exciting shopping experience too.

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