Kerala - Elakizhi Massage Therapy

Elakizhi Massage Therapy

Elakizhi is an ancient practice of Ayurveda that has been in constant practice since 5000 years ago. Elakizhi treatment is effective in treating arthritis, sports injuries, paralytic spasm, lumbago, spondylitis and frozen shoulders. Elakizhi is proven to enhance blood circulation, expels toxins from the blood and cleanses the circulation channel.

Elakizhi Massage Therapy

In Elakizhi fresh herbal leaves are cut into small pieces and mixed with medicated oil which is then put to heat. This is then put into a cloth bundle and is then formed into a bolus. The body is then applied with oil and the bolus is heated to a particular temperature and kept over places of the body in form of soft punches. This treatment leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed to take on your day in a refreshed manner.

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