A scenic beauty of Nilambur-Shoranur rail line

The past shadows of the colonial raj in Nilambur is overshadowed by its forested terrains, exotic art forms, mixed culture, and raw Nature. Located in the Malappuram district of Kerala, this tiny town is also called “Land of Teak Plantations.” The close proximity of Nilambur situated on the banks of Chaliyar River to Nilgiri Range makes it a favorable budget destination. Numerous Illustrations of wildlife combined with the righteous mixture of the royal residencies make Nilambur a perfect spot for Nature lovers and leisure travelers. The town is famous for pottery work other than Teak. While the Butterfly Park and Bio-Resources Park are additional perks to enjoy away from a busy life.

Vast forests, unique wildlife, royal residences and colonial heritage draw tourist to Nilambur. If you are game for a journey through the jungle in the rain, pack your gear and head to Nilambur.

The 66 km stretched train route will take 2 hours of your time. A beautiful and memorable experience during the monsoon season will etch your memory with all the greenery, fresh air and rain drops. This belongs to Southern Railway’s Palakkad Division, one of the shortest broad-gauge rail routes in God’s Own Country. And it’s one of the must-try train travel routes in India.

June to August is the best time to explore the serenity of Nilambur-Shoranur Railway Route. People head to Nilambur for its colonial heritage, royal residences, wildlife, and dense forests. A journey through the oldest Teak Forest in the world. Chaliyar River and Kurinji Puzha are the water bodies protecting this foresty arena. This forest in the Western Ghats is not more than 200 km from Kochi. Within five hours, travelers enter a greener environment. With prior permission from the forest department, trek and adventurous jungle rides can be arranged.

Nilambur Biosphere Reserve Nature park is the most popular biosphere reserves in India and the major National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary of South India.

Inside the Bio-Resources Natural Park Campus, tourists can visit the Teak Museum. At Vadapuram near Conolly Plot, people can find the world’s oldest teak. And for a panoramic view of the whole town, Chaliyar Forest Guest House is the right place. A 25 km ride into the forests of Nilambur takes a traveler to a place called Nedumgayam. From there, within 5 km Maancheri contains Chola Naikar, an ethnic group which is of the leftover ancient hunter-gatherer society of India. A good amount of avian population containing fowls like the Malabar Great Hornbill, animals like elephants, deers, gaurs, porcupines, and wild boars are available in this region. From this place, Ooty is just 90 km away from where one can explore the Adiyan Para.

Fresh looking ERS WDM 3A 18755 enters the ever so beautiful Vallapuzha station with Nilambur-Shoranur passenger in tow

There are four rivers, several streams and cascades on this evergreen route. The line cross Kunthipuzha between Kulukkalloor and Cherukara. Velliyar River, a principal tributary of Kadalundi, crosses between Pattikkad and Melattur. Olippuzha, another tributary of Kadalundi, crosses between Melattur and Tuvvur stations and Kuthirappuzha, a tributary of Chaliyar, lies between Vaniyambalam and Nilambur road stations.

Apart from these four major rivers, several streams also flow parallel to the rail line especially during the monsoon season. The view of the rivers and cascades from the rain window during rains is a charming sight. The route provides opportunities to see vast green paddy fields, water birds, peacocks, plantain and agriculture fields. Beside, it also offers to view the village life in its true colors and allure. If lucky, cone can see peacocks, running through the pathways of the paddy fields near the tracks during mild rains.

Angadipuram Railway Station is a major railway station serving the town of Perinthalmanna in the Malappuram District of Kerala. It lies in the Shoranur – Mangalore Section of the Southern Railways. Trains halting at the station connect the town to prominent cities in India such as NilamburShornur and Angadipuram.

The 10 tiny Eco friendly railway stations on this route are truly charming and each of them is covered by shady trees. Waiting for trains at stations when it rains is an opportunity to romance with the nature. Angadippuram is the major station on this route. Giant trees extend their branches to cover the platform and the track. When the trains halts at a station it s best to come out and experience the intensity of the rains.

A soothing route that fills a traveler’s memory with the images of teak trees and exotic natural colors. From rivulets, streams, cascades, to rivers, the pathway is filled with golden memories to pick and store for this lifetime. Apart from these, paddy fields and other agricultural fields full of peacocks and shorebirds pose a heavenly sight. While Giant trees romance with each other creating a natural ceiling for the train.

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