Wayanad - Puliyarmala Jain Temple

Wayanad - Puliyarmala Jain Temple

Devoted to an eminent saint of Jain, Ananthnath Swami, the Puliyarmala Jain Temple is a famous pilgrim centre for the Jains as well as a delight for the art lovers. The excellent architecture and crafted pillars of this temple are very famous and attract architecture lovers too. This ancient temple is said to be built in the 13th century and is constructed in typical Jain architecture. The stupa of the temple is built in the traditional Dravidian style which has elaborate carvings and is painted colorfully. The granite pillars of the temple are really beautiful. Jain idols made up of gold, brass, ceramic and stone adorns the temple.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
Throughout the year. 9 AM to 6:30 PM 2 to 3 Hrs No

Availability of Guides :-

A trip with a travel agency to Wayanad will include guides to the Puliyarmala Jain Temple.


Souvenirs, local products.


Religious activities, photography


No adventure activities.


Relax some time near the temple premises

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God lovers, photography

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