Poovar - Fishing village of Poovar

Poovar - Fishing village of poovar

The fishing village of Poovar is located at the Poovar Island. A natural Harbor, the fishing village of Poovar is enveloped in the serene Kerala backwaters, the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The fishing village of Poovar creates a magical ambience with its lush green location, the aquatic backwaters and the Golden rays of the sun falling on the Arabian Sea. The name Poovar was coined by King Marthanda Varma who fell in love with the beauty of the place when he saw flowers fall into the river Neyyar during the spring season. The village of Poovar is mostly habited by fishermen. The people in this village meet their needs by fishing in the age old way. The people relay on the sea and the river for their daily catch. Their rustic lifestyle mixed with the traditions of Kerala makes this an interesting place to visit.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
December to March Anytime 1 to 2 days No

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Fishing, Boating




Ride a boat along the gentle Neyyar River for a relaxed experience.

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Fishing, backwaters, boat cruising

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