Munnar - Echo Point

Munnar - Echo Point

Better known for its natural phenomenon of echoing, the Echo Point is a fabulous location with truly adorable sights. Once you are at the top, as you scream, you can hear your voice reverberate again and again around the surroundings, which is really a funny thing to awaken the child inside you. The Echo Point is beautifully placed on the banks of an enchanting lake where the three mountains ranges, Mudrapuzha, Kundala and Nallathanni merges. Many native birds can be spotted in Echo Point, making it an ideal place for bird watching. Nature walk and boating are some of the activities offered here. And you can just sit back and enjoy the calm and serenity of this place.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
August, April, May. 7 AM TO 6 PM. 1 to 2 hrs. Yes

Availability of Guides :-

Hire a local guide.A trip with a travel agency to Munnar will include guides to the Echo Point.


Tea, coffee, spices, cloves, cardamom, pepper and homemade chocolates.




Trekking, adventure sport, hiking.


Sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of Echo Point.

Famous for:-

Photography, trekking, adventure sport, hiking

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