Marari - Poochakkal


Adjoining the Kerala backwaters in Kerala, Poochakkal is a small island which consists of Arookutty, Panavally, Thycattusserry and Pallippuram Panchayaths. It is located 27.8 Km away from Marari. It is a naturally beautiful island that offers a panoramic view of its surrounding regions. The economy of the island is based on a water transportation system. The eastern and western parts of Vembanadu Lake is connected by its water canals. One can spend a great time in tranquillity at this place. Nagari Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Sreekandeswaram Mahadevar Temple, Elikkattu Sreedharmasastha Temple, Thevarvattom Masjid and Manappuram St.Theresas church are some of the attractions of Poochakkal.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
Throughout the year. No specific timings. 30 Minutes to 1 Hr. No

Availability of Guides :-

No necessity for guides.


Souvenirs, handicrafts.


Sightseeing, photography.


No adventure activities.


Sit back and enjoy the beauty of Poochakkal..

Famous for:-

Natural beauty, photography..

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