Kannur - Madayipara

Kannur - Madayipara

Rich in biodiversity and historical significance, Madayipara is a must-visit destination for those who love nature. The Madayipara welcomes its visitors with beautiful landscape carpeted with alluring flowers. Hence Madayipara is often referred to as the "Land of Flowers". Embellished with an exuberant variety of 300 flowering plants and more than 30 different species of thick grass, Madayipara is a paradise for nature lovers. 150 stunning species of butterflies with vivid colors and mind-blowing designs grab the attention of the tourists who visit Madayipara. The world's biggest butterfly - the Atlas Butterfly is spotted here. Madayipara is also a bird lover's paradise which houses over 100 species of birds, both endemic and migratory.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
Throughout the year. No specific timings. 1 to 2 Hrs. No

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A trip with a travel agency to Kannur will include guides to the Madayipara.


Souvenirs, local products.


Watching birds and butterflies.


No adventure activities.


Sit back and enjoy the beauty of Madayipara.

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Nature lovers, scenic beauty.

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