Idukki - Cheruthoni Dam

Idukki - Cheruthoni Dam

Cheruthonni Dam is another tourist attraction in Idukki. It is a concrete gravity dam which is 138 meters tall. Along with two other dams at Idukki and Kulamavu, the Cheruthoni Dam was built as part of the Idukki Hydroelectric Project. And it supplies electricity to several villages in the neighbouring areas. As the Cheruthoni Dam is situated just a Kilometer west of Idukki dam, the spillway of the Idukki Reservoir is in this Dam. The Cheruthoni Dam welcomes its visitors with a beautiful panoramic view of the rolling green hills, alluring Cheruthoni river and the nearby places.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
Throughout the year. 8 AM to 7 PM. 1 to 2 Hrs. No

Availability of Guides :-

A trip with a travel agency to Idukki will include guides to the Cheruthoni Dam.


Souvenirs, local products.


Photography, strolling.


No adventure activities.


Sit back and relax at the Dam premises.

Famous for:-

Natural beauty.

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