Athirapally - Solaiyar Dam

Athirapally - Solaiyar Dam

The Solaiyar Dam was opened in 1965 and is situated at Valparai near Athirapally. At a height of 66 meters, Solaiyar Dam has two reservoirs, the upper and lower Solaiyar Dam. The entire region where the Solaiyar Damis located is a bliss for the eyes. The entire dam is built in the middle of the forest and you can spot a wide variety of flora and fauna in that region. A tiger reserve known as the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is situated close to the Solaiyar Dam. And if you are a wildlife lover you can visit the Chimmini Wildlife sanctuary during your visit to the Dam. The most popular attraction you will find in this region are the local people who reside there and the Solaiyar forest. The locals are known for their hospitality and make you feel right at home.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
December to February. Anytime 2 to 3 hours No

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