Athirapally - Charpa Falls

Athirapally - Charpa Falls

The Charpa Falls is situated to the left of the Chalakudy River. Charpa Falls is situated at Athirapally and surrounded by dense forest regions. Charpa Falls lies between the two most famous waterfalls in Kerala, the Athirapally falls and the Vazhalachal falls. The water that cascades in the Charpa Falls is milky white in color and it flows during the monsoon and the winter seasons. During the dry season, flow of the water stops. With all the three waterfalls situated near to each other, the region is enveloped into a mystical myriad of falls and leads an exotic charm to the quaint hamlet of Athirapally. The might of this waterfalls makes even the sky look up. This region, with the presence of all three waterfalls, has allured visitors who feel like they have seen paradise.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
September to March 8.00 am to 6.00 pm 1 to 2 hours. No

Availability of Guides :-

A trip with a travel agency will ensure a guide who takes you through the waterfalls.




Sightseeing, photography


Trekking, Jungle safari.


The breathtaking lush greenery of the region makes one feel relaxed

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Nature lovers, picnicking, photographers.

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