Kerala - Udvartana Massage Therapy

Udvartana Massage Therapy

Udvartana is a technique in Ayurveda that is the best remedy for bodily lifestyle and metabolic disorders. The medical practice of Udvartana has been practiced to perfection by doctors for decades and is an important therapy in Ayurvedic metabolism healing. Udvartana mainly heals obesity, overweight, diabetics and laziness.

Udvartana Massage Therapy

The advent of foreign products, comfortable lifestyle and sophistication has trapped us in the clutches of a life of illusion. We have been deviated from the moralities and ethics of our life style. The action of correcting and reversing this lifestyle is Udvartana. It includes invigorating the entire body through the process of a powder massage. It includes scrubbing the body in upward strokes that liquefies and burns the fat. This technique is guaranteed to provide a rejuvenating effect to your body.

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