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Kerala - Thalam Massage Therapy

Thalam Massage Therapy

Thalam is a form of Ayuvedic treatment that is practiced according to the ancient way of application. Thalam refers to the area which is at the center of the head. The treatment of Thalam helps in rejuvenating the brain cells and prevents any damage to the brain cells by which it prevents mental related problems. Thalam has been proved to be a rejuvenating treatment for any sort of addiction, insomnia, ENT problems, migraine and poor eye-sight.

Thalam Massage Therapy

In Thalam a paste which is medicated is applied on the top of the head and kept for around 20 minutes. In recent years the mental stress faced by today’s generation has resulted in many problems and Thalam has proven to be effective in treating these disorders of the body as it is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed

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