Kerala - Garshana Massage Therapy

Garshana Massage Therapy

Garshana is an ancient practice of Ayurveda in which massaging is done to remove Ama (digestive toins) from the body. Garshana in Sanskrit means ‘Friction by rubbing’. People who have to take the Garshana treatment are those suffering from Kapha imbalance. Kapha imbalance includes overweight, lymphatic slowness, dullness physically and mentally and water retention.

Garshana Massage Therapy

Garshana is a wonderful addition to your morning routine of getting ready for the day. Lymphatic massaging enhances your blood circulation and releases accumulated toxins from the body. Garshana removes ama and helps your body be alert. It improves circulation, nourished the body and removes blockages in the physiology. After the massage you will feel lighter, with improved energy and vitality. The mind feels rejuvenated, more happy and satisfactory. Garshana removes toxins in the body without disturbing the natural functions of the body.

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