The Vintage Villages of Kerala

Sargaalaya Crafts Village

Could you imagine a hamlet filled with artisans and crafts? “Sargaalaya” in Kerala is the crafts village inside the country side of Vadakara and Iringal. This is a must-visit destination for anyone going en route Calicut. One can spend hours in this intellectual hamlet and learn the ancient art from the artisans. As a tourist destination, this place is not just a craft and craftsmen depot but also has a Crafts Design & Technology Development Centre for avid practicers of art to hone their skills. It’s been functioning since 2010 under the Responsible Tourism category. The traditional handicrafts of Kerala gets the spotlight and it is a welcoming sign for the local artisans and small-scale industries. There are more than 60 crafts and 20 plus exhibition stalls to support the artisans economic statuesque.

Solo travelers are not allowed while CRAFT GLIMPSES and CRAFT FIESTA packages allow a minimum of two travelers to explore this intellectual country. There are additional sights, boatings, and accommodation options to enjoy as well. The place is just 200 meters away from Kozhikode – Kannur National Highway nearby Vadakara. Only 40 kms away from Calicut. If one wished to take a train, Vadakara Railway Station is just 5km away from this 20 acres of crafts and craftsmen kingdom. Except Monday, this place is open from 10am to 6 pm on all other days of the week.

Kumbalangi Village As said by M.K. Gandhi, the future of India is in its villages. The opulent backwaters of Kerala shines healthier approaching Kumbalangi hamlet. Declared as a modern fishery, this tourism hamlet of India is a suburb of Kochi, a thin piece of paradise on the western coast.

Agriculture and Fishing are the major occupations of the native people. The whole experience for a traveller begins from Kallancherry after breakfast and slowly drips to the place’s staple drink – Tender Coconut. After an instant energy boost, you can roam the island viewing the beautiful landscapes. There is a lot to see from chinese fishing nets, canopy of coconut trees, coir yarn making, crab farming, coconut leaves weaving, and mouth-watering lunch.

There are green and red crabs in this farm and help one get all the available nutrition from it. You’ll be enthralled by the heap of farmers working on spinning the yarn. Women on the other side act in a synchronized manner weaving coconut leaves, using them for creating fencing and thatching. Get your hands dirty working on clay to make beautiful pots or else just give it a try for the earthy scent and goodness. A gentle stroll via the agricultural forms having betel nuts, pepper, orchids, jackfruit, and coconuts is a must-try thing to do.

The flavours of Kerala cuisine served haunts you forever for its healthiness and taste. Although a small country with less money making possibilities, these hospitable villagers are content and

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