Kerala - Kathakali Dance Performance

Kathakali Dance Performance

One among the classical dances of India, Kathakali originated in Kerala and is being performed at temples, festivals and in front of Kings during the times of yore. Kathakali depicts the Hindu epics that chronicle the lives of the gods, their conflicts and love. The ancient dance form of Kathakali has its roots since 1500 years ago and means Story and Play when split the word as ‘Katha’ and ‘Kali’. This fabulous form of dance is presented to the audience in a story telling way through intricate footwork and gestures of the hands. The face is painted with vivid makeup, masks and costumes that resemble the form of style and movement of the dancers that reflect the traditional martial art forms that are prevalent in Kerala. You will see the beautiful dance where the dancers enchant you with their spectacular performance of various Hindu epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The dance which starts at sunset, goes on till dawn and provides you will a great time for you night trip around the state. Many places in Kerala enrich this classical form of dance by teaching it to those interested in mastering the beautiful form which is a dance of the Gods.

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