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Out of the Crowd Camping Locations in Kerala

Cuddled by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala is considered as the most exquisite travel destination in India. Camping among the stars on the banks of rivers and bristly flowing streams feels like a dreamland out of a children’s story book. There are many such beautiful life experiences in Kerala that offer you the best of your vacations. These camp sites are situated in a clearing amidst a lush green forests along rivers with a heavily guarded camp base. Once you are camping here you can enjoy your bond with nature and get to rough life a bit while not being worried about the safety of the experience. Many camping holiday packages in Kerala are available which lets you enjoy rather than worrying about chasing away animals during the trip. Kerala is well connected by roads, trains and by flights. Hence, it is easy to reach your destination and spend a relaxed vacation in the lap of nature.

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