Vagamon - Kurisumala

Vagamon - Kurisumala

Founded by Fr. Francis Mahieu, a Belgian monk, who was invited by Zacharias Mar Athanasios, the Bishop of Thiruvalla in the year 1957, the Kurisumala in Vagamon is an important religious centre for Christians as well as a top tourist destination. Kurisumala is placed in a green and most serene nature which attracts not only the domestic but also International tourists across the world. It is widely visited by devotees especially during the Good Friday week, who climb up the rocky Kurisumala which resembles ‘Calvary' with wooden crosses, reciting the Way of The Cross. It is done as a way to share the sufferings of Christ and as a penance for sins.

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December to May. No specific timings. 1 to 2 Hrs. No

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Spend some quality time in spirituality at Kurisumala.

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