Periyar - Pullumedu

Periyar - Pullumedu

Standing as a testimony to its name, Pullumedu, which means Green Meadow, is located along the Periyar River near Thekkady. From high afar Pullumedu looks like the earth is clad in a carpet of green owing to its tea plantations. A trip to Thekkady will be incomplete without visiting Pullumedu, the green carpet of Kerala. The region is gifted with a rich variants of flora and fauna which fill up the entire area. It is a place of interest to academicians who study about the mystery of the ‘Makarajyoti’ which is a celestial light that appears every year and can be viewed from Sabarimala. Pullumedu is well maintained in ecology and a drive along the area gives you a magical experience. Taking a jeep to Pullumedu, camping along the little town and sleeping among the stars is an experience that can be left to the delights of the mind.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
September to December Any time 2 to 5 hours No

Availability of Guides :-

A trip with a travel agency will ensure a guide who takes you through the Pullumedu region..


Tea and Spice.


Photography, sightseeing, camping


Trekking, paragliding, bamboo rafting, jeep safari, hiking


Sit back and enjoy the gentle sound of the birds chirping and the roar of the waterfalls from afar.

Famous for:-

Scenic place, Pilgrimage, festivals

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