Idukki - Pattumala

Idukki - Pattumala

A natural beauty draped in silk usually makes an image that is conjured out of a fairytale book. Pattumala as the name goes is a small hill station situated near Idukki. Pattumala is derived from two words, Pattu and mala which means Silk and hill. As you reach the silken hills of Pattumala, you will understand why this place is named so. A famous attraction in Pattumala is the Velankanni Matha Church that is popular among pilgrims. Magnificent hazy mountains, small creeks and waterfalls make this place a haven amidst a busy lifestyle. As the sun dawns every day, the entire place looks as if woven in a golden silk cloth along with the glistening greenery. You can just stand amazed at this wonder before you or enroll yourself in exploring this nature laden hill station.

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
September to March Anytime 1 to 2 days No

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A trip with a travel agency will ensure a guide who takes you through Pattumala.


Tea, coffee


Sightseeing, worshipping




The sight of Pattumala will make you feel relaxed.

Famous for:-

Nature lovers, photographers

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