Devikulam - Sita Devi Lake

Devikulam - Sita Devi Lake

According to legend, Mother Sita, the wife of Lord Ram of the Ramayana epic, once took a bath in the Lake. Since then this came to be known as Sita Devi Lake. The Sita Devi Lake is known for its pristine beauty, untouched and unspoilt by the works of mankind. Located at Devikulam, the town came to be named after the Sita Devi Lake (Devi – referring to Mother Sita, Kulam – Lake). The air around the lake itself has a magical medicinal fragrance wafting through it. The water is believed to have rich minerals in it and therapeutic properties making this place a popular pilgrimage for devotees. If you are lucky you can spot the exotic variety of wildlife that comes for a drink in the Lake. The lake itself can be seen to be appearing from a mystical story giving you the experience of living in a fairytale

Best Time to Visit Entry Time Visiting Hours Entrance Fee
March to May You can visit any time 2 to 3 hours. No

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A trip with a travel agency will ensure a guide who takes you through the Sita Devi Lake.


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Misty Mountains, forests

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