Kerala - Lepanam Massage Therapy

Lepanam Massage Therapy

Lepanam is an ancient treatment used in Ayurveda and goes back to 5000 years ago. Lepanam in recent times has emerged as a remedy for numerous health issues and also for the benefits of a good hair and skin. Lepanam is now being used by most cosmetic treatments in India. It includes the usage of herbal paste that are free from chemicals and are proven to improve the balance of the skin quality in a natural way.

Lepanam Massage Therapy

The treatment is recommended if you are suffering from inflammatory conditions. A mixture of medicines and herbal liquids are blended together and formed into a paste which is then applied on the body parts which are affected. This paste, known as lepam, is used to exfoliate the skin, makes it smooth and relieves the skin from any disorders.

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