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Why Kerala in India famous for?

Kerala often denoted as& nbsp;‘God’s own country’ lies sandwiched between the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east. One among the highly popular tourist destinations in the country, Kerala is a remarkable place to visit. Over the last few decades it has transformed itself into a prominent tourist destination, attracting tourists in millions every year. A major attraction in the state is the greenery and landscape which can be seen all over the region.

The pristine backwaters of the state combined with the experience of riding a houseboat along the waters of Alappuzha and Kumarakom is a major tourist magnet. The traditional art of Kathakali allures visitors to see and enjoy the classical dance form of Kerala. Aside from all these the serene hill stations pulls visitors from far and near to bask in the pleasant climatic conditions of the Western Ghats. The beaches in Kerala are no less beautiful than the hill stations. With pleasant climate, the sea breeze dangling the strands of your hair, a vacation in Kerala is truly a surreal experience.

Which is the best tourist places in Kerala?

Kerala is a place that swarms with inviting holiday destinations.

Munnar, the gem of Kerala is truly worth a visit. Once the summer escapade of the British, this entire region is covered with a blanket of tea and coffee plantations with an equal amount of vegetation. This old colonial charm has led to Munnar as the best place for vacationing.

Is Kerala open for Tourists?

Often lovingly called ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is a haven for tourists. For years this undiscovered paradise has a lot for the tourist’s soul. The graceful art of Kathakali to welcome you into the ever loving arms of Kerala, the aroma of frying fish wafting across the beach provoking your taste buds, the serenely laden houseboats along the backwaters, the array of hill stations across the Western Ghats and the historically important cities have, for days together, spun to the needs of tourists and cater to their every comforts. If it is nature in India you are seeking for, the ultimate destination is Kerala.

What is KTDC?

Abbreviated and called as the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, KTDC is a public sector which has aggressively marketed Kerala over the years. During the 60s Kerala was unknown as a tourist destination. After the intervention of KTDC, Kerala gradually became a popular tourist destination.

The KTDC also owns a number of resorts and hotels across Kerala for tourists with traditional Kerala stay. The main objective of KTDC is to promote tourism in Kerala, develop and promote the places of tourist interests in Kerala, make good infrastructure and hospitality services and many others that solely concentrate in developing tourism in Kerala. KTDC is the official host of ‘God’s own country’.

Which is the most beautiful tourist Attractions in Kerala?

Regarded as ‘God’s own country’, Kerala has, for years now, been the most beautiful holiday destination in India. That said, among all the places in Kerala, the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala is an unimaginable list of destinations. But from among all those, a popular tourist preferences are listed here.

Munnar, the ever so charming summer capital of the British is a place preferred by tourists often. The pristine hills which at the sight would rejuvenate you. The green carpeted mountains with tea plantations all around and the smell of spices wafting in the air is enough reason for Munnar to be one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.

The houseboats at Alleppey are a real treat if you want to have a laid back experience in the backwaters of Kerala. You can get to have an entire houseboat exclusively for you with freshly made food on deck. You can enjoy the divine sunset and sunrise from the backwaters as the sun slowly dazes against the coconut groves.

The heavenly beach shacks, cliffs overlooking the see and the natural charm of sea life brings you to Varkala. Also an important Hindu pilgrim site, Varkala is a quaint town with an amazing beach. It has allured tourists with its beautifying charm and fresh air.

An unexplored hill station which has recently become a fresh tourist destination is Nelliampathy. Situated quite close to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, this serene hill station is something you would not want to miss out during your vacation.

Is visiting Kerala safe now?

Safety has become a concern for tourists visiting India especially by solo travelers and female travelers. With the growing number of tourists in the state, the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation has taken active measures to ensure safety for travelers in Kerala making the land a safe travel destination. Tourists from all over the world are seen to flock to Kerala to embrace its refreshing aura.

Being the state with the highest literacy rate and lowest population growth, Kerala makes one of the best places in the country for visiting. The state has seen a lot of solo women travelers and a number of taxi and hotel services are exclusively available all over the state for them. There are many safe travel services in Kerala which will make your journey a memorable one.

Which is the best time to go Kerala?

Kerala is a place where you can’t resist traveling to. The pristine hills of the state with a never ending wonderland to be seen all around makes it a favorite destination among tourists. A well planned trip to Kerala is something that remains as a memorable experience.

Kerala is at its best during the months of May to September when monsoon goes on making it ideal for Ayurvedic therapies, boat rides and visiting waterfalls. The months of winter are also most coveted by tourists owing to the scenic environment in the hill stations.

Why Kerala is God’s own country?

According to a Hindu lore, the land of Kerala was created by Lord Parasurama who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. During a raging flood, he threw his axe across the sea to create a new land for his people and save them from the flood. Since god himself created it, it has been called as God’s own country. Tucked between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala is a pristine reservoir of natural beauty. Despite the advancements all over the world, this land has always given prominent importance to its nature and has preserved it. Retaining what God gave it, it has come to be called fondly as ‘God’s own country’.

What is there to experience in Kerala?

With an amazing array of pristine forests, hill stations, beaches and backwaters, Kerala has a lot of activities with which to keep you occupied.

If you are an animal lover, you can enjoy the Elephant bathing at Kodanad where you will be able to enjoy the bath time of a real live elephant and helping it bath (with the mahout, of course). Another relaxing activity you can indulge yourself in is the houseboat cruise along the backwaters where you can laze around all day and enjoy the Kerala cuisine.

You can watch the exotic Neelakurinji flower that blooms once in 12 years in the hill station of Munnar. Around the Onam festival time, snake boat races are held across the state where you can indulge in a great local sport. The vibrant activities like banana boat rides, Jet skiing, water skiing, paragliding and parasailing are great ways to enjoy in the beaches of Varkala and Kovalam.

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