Kerala is a bouquet of splendiferous scenic treasures. The tourists visiting Kerala are not only bewitched by the enthralling beauty and the attractions of Kerala but also by its mind-blowing rural villages that are untouched by any industrialization or urban influence. And you will be amazed to find that the villagers of Kerala still live a life following the rich tradition and culture that prevailed in the olden days. After all, one can feel the pulse of Kerala from its beautiful villages.

The emerald green paddy fields that spread far beyond the vicinity, birds flying across the blue sky, murmuring of the lovely rivers, ducks paddling on the backwaters and the farmers working in the farms is the first picture that comes to my mind when thinking about typical Kerala villages. So, first of all, take a stroll, exploring the pristine and picturesque beauty of the villages. The green enveloped land with tall palm trees swaying as the wind blows, beautiful rivers, lakes, etc is a visual treat for the eyes.

Next, you can visit some of the fishing villages in Kerala like Fort Kochi, Marari, Cherai, Neandakara, etc to watch the fishermen going for their daily catch in small canoes and coming back with a good catch of fishes as well as selling them near the shore. The fishermen throwing the huge cast net into the sea and pulling it off once they are filled with fish is a sensational sight to watch. Though it looks simple and easy, believe me, not everyone can do it unless they are an expert in it. You can spend some time at the coir manufacturing industries and watch how coir is manufactured from the coconut fibre that is extracted from the coconut husk. Go to see the small-scale industries that produce handlooms, wooden products and marine products in a traditional way.

The villages of Kerala houses numerous ancient temples, churches and mosques that have many stories to tell you about the past. Hence, pay a visit there. The backwaters of Kerala offers a feeling of refreshment and happiness. So, cruise the backwaters to enjoy the nature’s abundant beauty and zoom in the village life while cruising. Visit some of the hotels and toddy shops near the villages to taste the typical Kerala cuisine.


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