Chill Out in the God-sculpted hills and backwaters of KERALA during this summer.

The elixir of south India, Kerala is a must-visit destination for adventure seekers, backpackers, and people who want to spend their time like a gypsy for some time. The hills of Kerala is a pleasure depot for people from other states in the summer season. The idyllic hamlets and hillocks of Kerala not only excite our senses but also help us with soothing weather. At least for some days, people could exit their warm households and experience the landscapes of this scenic state.

Read this blog to know more about the popular and unexplored tourist spots to catch a great time with your family and loved ones.

The Mystical Mounds of MUNNAR

Traversing the hills of Munnar, it’s a blissful idea to burn weekends that really burns us out during summer. The name Munnar is because of three rivers meeting at a single point – Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. The largest tea growing region in South India is situated like a haven for hot and humid customers at a height of 1600 m above sea level. The famous Anamudi trekking not only tests your fitness level but also presents you with some of the beautiful wildlife and migratory birds. Your valorous walks will mesmerize you when you trudge past the valleys and luscious hills of Munnar.

MATTUPETTY – An Adorable Mural

The rivulets and cascading waterfalls of Munnar leave people to wonder about Nature. Mattupetty is like an ancient painting amidst of rich flora and fauna. The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) of Idukki provides boating facilities on the Mattupetty Dam. Check out the dairy farm in Mattupetty and choose a speed launch or slow speedboat or motorboat according to your convenience. Later, the rare birds you sight here might want you to reach the nearby Kundala Lake to cleanse your body and soul. There is a major Indo-Swiss livestock project being carried out here to cultivate highly yielding healthy cattle.

ANAMUDI – The Pride of Kerala

Stationed in the Eravikulam National Park, visiting this highest point outside the Himalayas is possible without an additional entry ticket. The ticket issued in the counters of the Eravikulam National Park shall give an unforgettable trekking experience when permitted by the forest department to explore furthermore. Both amateur and experienced trekkers find it relatively easy to reach the top. This paradise in the wild carpets itself in a distinctive blue shade once every 12 years. It had already happened in 2018 and you have to wait till 2030 to experience the Neelakurinji flower blossoming. So, invite your trekking crew and explore Anamudi sighting a myriad of wildlife this summer.

ERAVIKULAM National Park – The Land of the Endangered

The home of the Nilgiri Tahr offers a picturesque mood to your senses. Any avid wildlife photographer or life purpose seeking commoner will find this place interesting. You can see the endangered Nilgiri Tahr and other animals like the Nilgiri langurs, elephants, Nilgiri marten, hardly a tiger or leopard, and Nilgiri wood pigeon. Official vehicles take tourists for a short safari into the wild where bison and leopard could be sighted. Echo point is near to this scenic place where people gather to experience the depths of nature.

WAYANAD – The Wayfarer’s delight

This dreamland connects two state borders with Kerala– Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. ‘Vayal’ (paddy) plus ‘Naad’ (field) became Wayanad which means paddy field or country land. The district has no coastal connectivity or railway lines but can be connected using the roadways easily. The primary crop of this region is rice not coffee and you can realize after seeing the paddy fields in the whole area.

BANASURA SAGAR Dam – The Largest Earthen Dam in India

The second largest earthen dam in Asia is situated in Kalpetta of Northern Kerala. Banasura Sagar impounds Kabini River and forms a beautiful atmosphere for speed boating, trekking, and rock climbing. The string of islands in vicinity combined with the spectacular view of the valley asks people to dust off their ignorance.

CHEMBRA Peak – A Heartfelt Trek

Get ready to test your adrenaline rush throughout the lush hills of Chembra. You will feel like exploring the real wild as shown in movies with your crew. While reaching the heart-shaped lake, you can feel the best part of the whole trekking experience. Although this trekking seems a bit difficult, it is worth the climb with your beloved buddies. Normally, it will take around 2-3 hours to complete the trek with short breaks in between to fuel your happy memories. And it is important to climb downhill before sunset for a pleasant and peaceful happening.

EDAKAL Caves – An Ancestral Gift

Edakal’ means the stone in between and the cave is located on Ambukuthi Mala, which is 1200 m above from sea level. Many mythological stories surround this cave that connects with Ramayana, the great Indian epic. Pictorial paintings or petroglyphs as early as 6000 BC could be identified in this cave. Our ancestors didn’t draw or carved those paintings just for their pastime. Try deciphering the cave and its intricate drawings with your passionate people. “A man holding a jar” symbol in this cave seems to have a direct link with the ancient civilization of all – The Indus Valley Civilization. Tamil and Brahmi scripts adorn this cavern while the Stone Age scripts and petroglyphs had left many archaeologists and historians perplexed.

KURUVA – The ‘Bambooed’ Island

Bridges made of bamboos alone attracts our eyes as we witness something for the very first time. The uninhabited provinces of this treasure trove are home to rare orchids, medicinal plants, trees, and migratory birds. Explore the island the old way of walking peacefully through tranquillity. 

MUTHANGA Wildlife Sanctuary – One Place Three Forests

The semi-evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, and dry deciduous forests that encompass the boundaries of Muthanga bestowed with its lush green forests and rich wildlife. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in kerala. The changing hues, smell, feel, and fauna throughout the land will quench your thirst for nature for some time. Muthunga is connected to wildlife sanctuaries at Mudumalai and Bandipur. Meenmutty waterfalls, Soochipara waterfalls and pookote lake are also lies near this sanctuary.

THEKKADY – The Soul Revitalizer

Thekkady an idyllic place for collecting rejuvenating moments that will be remembered for a long time. With every inhale and exhale, you experience a deep meditational cleanse here. Gather in flocks like our beloved ancestors and settle your disputes. The elephants loitering around the water bodies sprinkling water all over is a beautiful sight. The scent of the aromatic air coming from divine waterfalls brushing through the medicinal plants and spices refreshes your soul. Some of the activities like trekking, border hiking, mountain walks, boat ride in the Periyar Lake and a safari in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary will gives you a good experience.

A Detoxifying Boating

Replenish your system with positivity boating at Thekkady Lake. The tropical backwaters of Idukki make the place an eco-spot destination. The hotspots of wildlife throughout the journey puts you in an alert phase. Though it may sound vulnerable, you will have a safe and secure boat ride without a doubt.

Bamboo Rafting

You require a basic level of fitness to have fun in this activity. Trained professionals will help you with riding the raft and gliding through the waters. Stay afloat and let the splashing water cure your inner fear. From dawn to dusk, bamboo rafting can be done but you never completely done with your craving for bamboo rafting.

Wildlife Safari

The primary off-the-track destination activity to a place called Gavi happens to function between six in the morning and five in the evening. The whole program includes a gargantuan breakfast and delicious lunch. This wildlife safari will cover tea plantations, thick forests, towering waterfalls, and spicy meadows to accentuate your overall feel.

Shepherding the Jungle

Experience the intense feel of a jungle walking and hopping with a group of experts like an owl. Challenge your vision by taking part in this nocturnal activity for almost 3 hours and return to your hotel with your mind still howling and cricketing.

Hiking for a Day

To test your formidable gut and healthy legs. Hike with your crew from eight in the morning to six in the evening and complete the arduous pursuit with a clear and confident mind. Sloth bears, elephants, and rare bird species can be spotted. While an armed forest guard will be the savior along with two other guides.

PERIYAR – The Tiger’s Fort

The Periyar wildlife sanctuary situated in Thekkady among the Western Ghats is an ideal example of nature’s rich bio-diversity and picturesque beauty. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary and park is considered as one of the most protected reserves for tigers and other wild animals. The 777 impounding reserve is the home for elephants, wild boar, sambar, bison, langur, and tigers. The lake cruise is spectacular than most other places.

From December to April, Periyar Tiger Reserve will be at its prime stage of tourist attraction. Instead of the normal lake cruise, try trekking with tribal villagers for an authentic wildlife experience. Apart from trekking, Abraham’s Spice Garden is a must visit spot in Periyar Tiger Reserve.  The farm has been in operation since 1952. Don’t miss the sessions describing the medicinal plants, natural vegetation, and Ayurveda practices.
The Connemara Tea Factory will be a pleasant feast for a sound trot. This 40-year-old tea factory explains tea-making process and the tea garden’s history. Here you can also offer a tea party to your tongue and let your olfactory senses join the happening too.

Nearby Spots: Reserve Entry Post – The main entry point for Periyar Tiger Reserve, St George Orthodox Church, and Lourdes Church.

Get ready with your comfy clothes to measure the hidden beauty of Periyar Tiger Reserve with us.

VAGAMON – For the Adventurous Soul

Another scenic hamlet abounds with lush green landscapes and adventure activities. The labyrinth of valleys here make the place a beautiful eco-tourism destination. The Thangal Para, Kurisumala, and Murugan mala unite three religions within this regional radar.

Fly without wings in mid-air and land in the laps of Mother Nature. Experience tandem (beginner’s) paragliding for 20 minutes. If you want to improve your flight there, ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy) makes you to fly independently in less than a week. Surrounded by numerous dales and rocks, Vagamon offers adventure seekers hundreds of impossible boulders to climb. Whether it is Kurisumala arduous climb or other rocks that seem unclimbable, rock climbing is a must. And, cycle inside the tea and coffee plantations to rejuvenate your cloggy mind.

The steep hill tracts of Vagamon easily attracts trekkers to search for their walking pole. Ballooning is another beautiful experience to witness in Wagamon before connecting with pleasurable nature walks. You can also explore the roughest parts of vagamon using the sturdy and wild ATV RIDE vehicle which keeps your adrenaline rush in check. Activities like Trampolines and rope activity will improve your health and also unleash your inner gymnast, since they are beneficial to your joints and overall blood circulations. Involving in a slightly strenuous physical activity amidst Nature’s breath can improve your overall health. Similarly, using ropes and walking on dangling bridges made of wood and bamboo with your team can improve your coordination skills.

Other Adventures: ZIP LINES for going from point A to Point B in a relaxed mood admiring Nature and WALL CLIMBING using small bulged spots and stands affixed to the wall. Wagamon is a place not for honeymooners but also for adventure enthusiasts.

HOUSEBOATS – Heaven Away from Home

The reworked version of the traditional Kettuvalloms of Kerala is used for exotic cruises. Tons of rice and spices were transported using these boats and so some houseboats can even accumulate 150 aqua- enthusiastic tourists on board. The idea of constructing rooms inside these boats had really worked out well. Travellers from other nations reach the spice nation just to glide along the backwaters of Kerala at night. Houseboats are highly recommended for honeymooners who don’t want to lose their hard earned money travelling to foreign destinations when they can experience the breath of Nature in India.

The Eco-friendly Houseboats   

The Houseboats are eco-friendly and made-up of easily available materials such as jackfruit tree wood, palm wood, coconut fibre, bamboo poles, ropes, bamboo mats etc. The boat is made by tying together (rather than nailing) planks of wood, generally anjili (wood of the jackfruit tree) with coconut fibre. As a protective coat, black resin extracted from cashew nut shells is applied on the planks. Bamboo poles and palm leaves are used for constructing the roof. Vallam(boat) of Kerala is a giant journeying through the backwaters that were considered as a convenient means for transportation. Although some of the thatched houseboats look like identical twins, their interiors are absolutely different. From deluxe rooms to luxury suites, the houseboat dwells past the village lifestyle and also get a chance to sighting the rare bird species which is a gift from nature for our eyes.

Befriend with the houseboat driver and ask him to show you as many canals as possible. The interlinked canals can make the cruise a lot more interesting before lunchtime arrives. When the houseboat stops in the middle of nowhere all your senses reach their peak levels. The riverside dinners guarantee a not-to-be-easily forgotten experience making houseboats a must-visit spot. Not only cruising through the backwaters of Alleppey but also enjoying the scrumptious seafood cuisine is another delicious happening. Have freshly trapped fishes on your plate and munch along with the houseboat driver for a treasurable memory.

Jump off the houseboat and have a quick snack or two with your beloved ones clicking few pics and sip coffee looking at the beauty of God’s own country. After relaxing, you need to get inside the houseboat to catch up with the other stops too.

Observe the Life of Locals   

Welcome to the Aqua land with aqua men, women, toddlers, and babies forming a zealous lifestyle for their utmost comfort and ease. Like private and public buses, here the locals use private and public boats for transportation. From harvesting to school and work, without boats and steamers, their lifestyle is impossible.

A Night with your Loved One!

The overnight stay will make one fall in love with the same person again and again. Trust us, even foreign destinations like Bali and other islands cannot match the feel of a peaceful stay at night in the backwaters of Kerala. Any luxury hotel won’t be able to compete with Nature. The satisfying dinner here supported using illuminating candles reflect your soul’s wish in the waters. will help you to plan your customized holiday trip to Kerala!
Book your Kerala tour with us and leave rest to us.

Pack your bags and start exploring the beauty of God’s Own Country.

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